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 2011 - 3rd year U23 Park Hotel Rooding CT

4th U23 Southern Holland TT Championships (Ned) Nat.

8th Ronde van Westereen (Ned) Nat.

12th Olympias Tour Stage 3 (Ned) UCI 2.2

13th Gouden Pijl Emmen (Ned) Nat.

14th Zutendaal (Bel) Nat.

16th Ronde van Noord-Holland (Ned) UCI 1.2

16th Bergcriterium Wolder (Ned) Nat.

17th AK Tour Du Loir-et-Cher (Fra) UCI 2.2

17th Tour Du Loir-et-Cher Stage 4 (Fra) UCI 2.2

19th Tour Du Loir-et-Cher Stage Ettappe 3 (Fra)

20th Hel van Voerendaal (Ned) UCI 1.13 U23

21st Gp Des Flandres Françaises (Fra) UCI 1.2

21st Booischot Belgie (Bel) UCI 1.12

21st Bosberg Ronde van Appelscha (Ned)

26th Kersenronde Mierlo (Ned) UCI 1.13 U23

26th Ster van Moerdijk (Ned) UCI 1.13 U23

28th Kortessem Belgie (Bel) Nat.

30th Dorpenomloop Ruchpen UCI 1.2

2010 - 2nd year U23 Park Hotel Rooding CT

1st Ronde van Borger (Ned) Nat.
2nd Ulbeek Wellen (Bel) Nat. 
2nd U23 District Championships Limburg (Ned) Nat.
2nd U23 District TT Championships Limburg (Ned) Nat
4th Omloop van Schermer (Ned) UCI 1.13
11th Tour de la provincie Luxembourg GC (Bel) UCI 2.12
11th Ronde van Dalen (Ned) Nat.
12th International Mainfrankentour TT (Ger) UCI 2.2U23
12th Omloop van Nijeveen (Ned) Nat.
15th Tour de la provincie Luxembourg Stage 2 (Bel) UCI 2.12
17th Dorpenomloop Rucphen (Ned) Nat.
19th Ronde van Silly (Bel) UCI 1.12
19th Wegberg Grenzland Rennen (Ger)
25th Tour de la provincie luxembourg Stage 1 (Bel) UCI 2.12
26th Meeus Race (Ned) UCI 1.13
27th International Mainfrankentour Stage 2 (Ger) UCI 2.2 U23
27th Olympias Tour Stage 2 (Ned) UCI 2.2
27th Ronde van Limburg (Ned) Nat.
28th Profronde van Surhuisterveen (Ned) Nat.
28th Ronde van Gerwen (Ned) Nat.
35th Profronde van Stiphout (Ned) Nat.
36th Ronde van Duizel (Ned) Nat.
43th Omloop de Medel (Ned) UCI 1.13
54th Fyen Rund (Den) UCI 1.2
63rd Arno Wallard Memoriaal (Ned) UCI 1.2
69th GP Waregem (Bel) UCI 1.13
75th Olympias Tour Prologue (Ned) UCI 2.2
76th Koln-Schuld-Freschen (Ger) UCI 1.2
76th Nationals Road Championships (Ned) Nat.
76th Saint-Severin (Bel) Nat.
77th Olympias Tour Stage 3 (Ned) UCI 2.2

2009- 1st year U23 PPL Belisol Cycling Team

1st Frisian Time Trial Championships (Ned) Nat.
2nd Arcen Time Trial (Ned) Nat.
3rd U23 District Championships Limburg (Ned) Nat.
6th GP Kayl (Lux) Nat.
11th Omloop Lek en Ijssel (Ned) UCI 1.13 - U23
11th  Brunssum (Ned) Nat.
17th Omloop van Nijeveen (Ned) 
19th Omloop van Medel (Ned) UCI 1.13  U23
22nd GP Francois Faber (Lux) (6th U23) UCI 1.12
32nd Bergcriterium Wolder (Ned) Nat.
33rd Ronde van Heeswijk (Ned) Nat.
43rd Omloop van EPZ (Ned) UCI 1.12
48th Zutendaal (Bel) Nat.
72nd Fleche du Sud Etappe 4 (Lux) UCI 2.2
72nd Schaal Schoeters (Bel) UCI 1.12
73rd Intexstore Race - Venhuizen (Ned) UCI 1.13 
81st Hannut (Bel) Nat.
92nd Fleche du Sud Etappe 3 (Lux) UCI 2.2
98th Fleche du Sud Overall (Lux) UCI 2.2
108th Fleche du Sud Etappe 2 (Lux) UCI 2.2
111th Fleche du Sud Etappe 1 (Lux) UCI 2.2
115th Tour de Provincie Luik (Bel) UCI 2.1 
118th Tour de Provincie Luik (Bel) UCI 2.1 
128th Tour de Provincie Luik (Bel) UCI 2.1

 2008- 2nd year Junior Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo

1st Tysons Corner Circuit Race Juniors
1st Frisian Time Trial Championships
2nd South Holland Time Trial Championships 
2nd Ronde van Hoogkarspel 
4th Ronde van Hoogeveen
4th Fort Ritchie Road Race Cat 1
5th Time Trial Dordrecht
8th CSC Invitational Cat 1/2
8th Ronde van Zwaagwesteinde
9th Bike Jam Kelly Cup  Cat 1/2
10th Luik la Gleize Time Trial UCI 2.1
10th National TTT Championships
13th Time Trial Acht van Bladel UCI 2.1
15th Tour de Ephrata Criterium Pro 1/2
20th National Time Trial Championships (sick)
21st Nationals Road Championships Heerlen 

2007- 1st year Junior Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo 
1st Tour de Ephrata Criterium Cat 3
1st Carl Dolan Classic Cat 3
1st BikeJam/Kelly Cup Juniors
1st Walkersville Road Race Juniors
1st UMD Presidents Criterium Cat 4
2nd Jefferson Cup Road Race Cat 4
3rd Ronde van Oldebroek Juniors
3rd Tysons Corner Circuit Race 
3rd Overall Tour de Ephrata Cat 3
4th Crystal City Classic Cat 3
6th Tour de Ephrta Time Trial
7th Ronde van Hoogeveen Juniors
8th Ronde van Zwaagwesteinde Juniors
8th Tour of Sommerville Juniors
13th Fitchburg Road Race Juniors
14th Fitchburg Stage Race GC Juniors
14th RFK Criterium Pro 1/2
16th Overall International Tour of Assen Juniors
16th The Quicksilver Criterium Pro 1/2
18th Michael Murad Road Race Championships Pro 1/2 
20th Bermuda GP Stage 3 Pro/1
25th Bermuda GP Stage 1 Pro/1